Revised Initial Draft Klamath Basin Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan (IFRMP): Phase 3
(Word Doc / Zip File)

- Released August 21 2020; (45MB)

Thank you for your interest in the Klamath Basin Integrated Fishery Restoration and Monitoring Plan.

The Draft Plan is focused on the strategic restoration of watershed processes and habitat supporting focal fish species of interest in the Basin, listing specific candidate restoration activities for each major sub-basin and the Klamath as a whole. These activities that have been compiled through review of prior plans as well as broad representative input from a diverse group of participants and organizations with an interest in the Klamath Basin though a series of interviews, meetings, and workshops spanning 2017 through 2020.

The last iteration of the Draft Plan produced during Phase 2 of work was released June 16 2019, and reviewed between June 17 2019 to July 8 2019. Notably, this prior version of the plan listed candidate activities without providing any information on relative benefit, importance, or suggested sequencing of these activities.

The current version of the Draft Plan produced during Phase 3 of work and released August 21 2020 includes revisions to previously included activities, new activities, and a first-pass prioritization of activities for each sub-basin derived by populating an interactive Klamath IFRMP Prioritization Restoration Tool over the course of multiple collaborative work sessions with Sub-Basin Working Groups.

We are now seeking review comments on this version of the Draft Plan, available on this page, between August 21 2020 and October 9 2020. Reviewers may provide comments using the question and comment boxes to the right (Option A below). Whenever possible, kindly indicate specific page and line numbers your comments refer to. Reviewers wishing to provide more detailed in-line comments (Option B below) may do so by saving a personal copy of the Word file and comments before returning it to us. Please note that to streamline our revision process, we have intentionally locked the Word document to prevent editing text and are accepting in-line comments only which can more easily be collated across reviewers. See below for more details on how to provide your comments.

This revised Draft Plan will be open for comments until October 9 2020, however, this is not your last opportunity for input. We will be re-engaging with you during work on Phase 4 of the Plan, which is anticipated to begin in November 2020 and focus primarily adding additional information to restoration activities included in the plan as well as on the development of a basin-wide monitoring framework.

We look forward to reading your comments and want to offer our sincere thanks for the ongoing investment of your time and expertise!

How to provide comments

Option A: Provide more focused comments on key review questions using the online form
Option B: Send us a copy of the report document with your in-line comments
1. Save a version of the Word file with your initials
2. Add your comments directly into the document using Word’s commenting function (note that the document is locked for text editing to facilitate merging of comments)
3. Go to, choose “take me to free”, agree to terms and service
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